Headshots are a special kind of portrait, which should capture your personality, show your confidence and it should engage the viewer in a positive way.

They can be used for casting or branding and most of the times influence the very first impression casting directors or potential clients have of you, hence it is so important to get it right!

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression!" - Andrew Grant

Actors Headshots

Casting directors sift through hundreds of images, so I will help you to make an impact in the few moments you get. A successful headshot is not just a passport photo to show how you look like, it conveys your personality and confidence, or even different characters, depending on what you are going for.

Business Headshots

These headshots should show confidence, professionalism and that you are great to work with. I am sure you have all these qualities, but I will help you to convey it in your headshot too. This in turn helps to  promote your personal brand and your business. These headshots are great for websites, business cards and brochures, and of course on social media such as linkedin, facebook etc, where you get to connect with so many people.

The headshots I create are all about the subject, hence I prefer shooting in front of a plain white or grey backdrop so there's nothing distracting, and the viewer is drawn to seeing what's important, you.


1 hour : 1 headshot

  • 1h session
  • online contact sheet with all shortlisted photos
  • 1 retouched images (high res. for print and low res. for online use)

Package Price: £90

Additional retouched images: £25 each

2 hours : 3 headshots

  • 2h session
  • online contact sheet with all shortlisted photos
  • 3 retouched images (high res. for print and low res. for online use)

Package Price: £125

Additional retouched images: £25 each

3 hours : 6 headshots

  • 3h session
  • online contact sheet with all shortlisted photos
  • 6 retouched images (high res. for print and low res. for online use)

Package Price: £180

Additional retouched images: £25 each

To book a session please email info@wilhaub.com.

To confirm the booking I ask for a deposit of 20%, which can be paid via paypal or any debit/credit card.

Performing arts students will get a 20% discount!


Depending on which package you choose, our headshot session will take about 1, 2 or 4 hours, give or take, if we need a bit longer to get that one great shot we have enough time. I don’t book back to back headshot sessions to make sure we will never be in a rush. As there is no time pressure, you can ease into the shoot. I will give you posing tips, direct you and together we can work on your expressions. I am shooting tethered and all the images will come up on the computer screen straightaway, so every now and again we can have a look through the images and see the progress we are making and if we are going in the right direction.

Depending on what you need your headshots for we can create different looks by changing clothes and/or changing hair or shaving in between (see What to Bring).

I will make sure that we will create some great images together, so you can relax and enjoy the session!



  • Clothing

I suggest that you bring a range of different options for clothing. Most important for your choice is that you love wearing them, believe me it will make a difference in the images if you actually feel comfortable. Anything can work, t-shirts, sweaters, light jackets etc., just be careful with crazy patterns or letters, anything that could be too much of a distraction in the image. Also bring a variety of colours and if you are not sure about something, rather bring more options, so we can work it out together. If you don't bring it, we can't shoot it. If you are up for it, you could even buy some new clothes you like, you can keep the tags on and return them after the shoot.


  • Hair and Makeup

Come in with your hair and make up ready as if you would go to an audition. In general a more natural look is best to start with, it’s easier to add some make up throughout the session than to take it off.
(Don’t worry too much about temporary spots or skin blemishes, that’s easily taken care of while retouching) You can also change your hair during the session (e.g. by putting it up or pulling it back) so we can produce a range of different looks.


  • Men

If you feel you might want shots with and without facial hair, you can come in with some growth and shave at some point during your session.


We are already shortlisting images together throughout our shoot. After the shoot I will sort out the best images and provide an online contact sheet within 48h, but usually the day after our shoot. There you can login, rate images and if you like share images with friends, colleagues or your agent to help you make a decision on which images to choose.

Once you’ve chosen your images I will retouch and deliver them online within 10 days. My approach to retouching is to just enhance the image overall in a very natural and realistic way. I use lighting and directing during the shoot to get the best possible image already in camera. 


If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you want to meet before you book, you are very welcome to come by my studio or I can meet you anywhere in central London, where we can discuss any of your needs or concerns over a cup of coffee or tea!