wil:haub - Behind the Name


My name is Wilfried Haubenberger and I'm a photographer. I enjoy many different aspects of photography however my loves are people and their different characters and my goal is to capture that. 

Austria is where I was born and bred and London is where I live and love. 

First and foremost I am a headshot and portrait photographer. I enjoy directing and leading the subjects through the shoot to achieve the best images for my clients, which can show their best side and their true character or tell a story about their personality.

In my personal time I also love to shoot street photography, where instead of directing, I have to be reacting to what’s around me and capture interesting real life moments. You can find some of my street photography work in my personal projects.

My passion for photography reaches back to a very young age, however it is only the recent years that I decided to take it to a whole new level. After graduating in Business Economics, seen as the sensible choice back then, and visiting the many interesting people and cultures of Europe and Asia, I decided I wanted to turn my true passion into my life's work and deliver remarkable pictures.