10h in Dubai

On our way to Hong Kong, we had a stop over for about 11h in Dubai, which gave us enough time to leave the airport and go to the Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa.

I had all my camera gear in my hand luggage, so I thought I want to get at least one good shot of the highest building in the world. I know it has been shot before thousands of times from many different viewpoints, but I thought I want to get a simple, very graphic  black and white image.

We arrived at 8am in Dubai, after a 7h night flight from London. Unfortunately I couldn’t get comfortable at the flight and was not able to sleep (and I was actually working on this website pretty much until we had to go to the airport). Although I was obviously already very knackered, the excitement of being in a new place kept us going, but the temperature of 42 degrees Celsius and my heavy camera backpack didn’t really help.

First stop was the Dubai Mall, nicely air-conditioned, but because it was so early in the morning the shops were still closed, so I wanted to get my shot first. Going from pretty much freezing air-conditioning into the hot air makes your camera and lenses fog up in seconds and it takes quite a while to clear up. About ten minutes later I was ready to shoot, but walking around in this heat with that heavy bag is far from enjoyable. I spent about one hour shooting, and got lucky in the end as some clouds came out of nowhere and made a more interesting picture.


Back in the Dubai Mall I had to buy a souvenir in the form of a fresh T-Shirt, as mine was completely wet after an hour outside. This experience really showed me, that next time I will travel a lot lighter, maybe even just with only one camera and one lens.

I cannot say much about Dubai after just ten hours, but the first impression was, that all the people we met there were very friendly. It is not really on my list of travel destinations, but I will hopefully see more of Dubai, when I finally get to go to the Gulf Photo Plus (maybe 2016?), so it is definitely on top of my list of workshop destinations!

Back at the airport, after a sleepless night and 10h in Dubai, I certainly didn’t look forward to another 7,5h flight. So when we started boarding, it was the perfect timing to get a free upgrade to Emirates Business Class for the first time in my life. What a nice surprise,…nice dinner, most importantly lots of space to sleep and a great breakfast before landing in Hong Kong!