Hong Kong

This year I finally was able to go to Hong Kong, where my girlfriend’s parents are from originally.  One of her sisters is currently living there as well, so it was a great opportunity to visit and stay with her for two weeks!

I could write a very long blog post about Hong Kong, but in a nutshell it is one of the most amazing places in the world! Great city (very modern, but also traditional), great people, great food, great mountains and islands for trekking and beaches. So you have pretty much everything in one place, and pretty good warm weather all year round as well.

 And you just can’t get bored of that skyline:

There is so much to explore, obviously the views from Victoria Peak, architecture, temples, markets, shopping and lots more.

Here is an iPhone panorama shot from Victoria Peak, whilst we were waiting for the light to drop:

If you are planning a trip with your camera to Hong Kong, I highly recommend watching David Hobby’s “The Traveling Photographer: Hong Kong” on lynda.

It is full of very useful, time and money saving travel tips, and of course lots of great photographic advice too.

If you have some more time in Hong Kong, I would suggest to also explore the other islands. Firstly go to Lantau Island and take the cable car to the Big Buddha. After that you can take a bus (approx. 25min) to Tai O, a small fishing town on the western side of the island, which turned out to be one of my favorite places.

You can take ferries to the other islands very easily with your octopus card too, some are great for trekking and some have nice beaches. (The octopus card is like London’s oyster card, just better, you can even use it to pay at seven-elevens!) One of the nicest beaches is apparently on the south eastern side of Hong Kong Island, called Shek O, which I have to check out on my next visit.


In the second week of our holiday I actually also increasingly tried to take some street photographs. I always loved that genre of photography, especially looking at great street photographers work. It is definitely something I want to explore further in my free time.


I can’t wait to go to Hong Kong again! You should go too!

More about street photography in my next post.