Street Photography

My recent trip to Hong Kong triggered my love for street photography. I mean, I always loved street photography, but I never really tried to do it myself. It is very difficult and time consuming, but it is kind of the purest form of photography.

About a year before I travelled to Hong Kong, I had watched Zack Arias' Street Photography tutorial on Kelby One, so I remembered a few tips and tricks.

When I came back to London, I started researching more about street photography.

I got David Gibson’s book “The Street Photographer’s Manual”, which I think is a great starting point. It is not just a manual, which tells you what to do, it rather gives you concepts, projects and ideas to work on. Furthermore Gibson gives tons of book recommendations and online links for further reading (or viewing).

The best online resource about street photography I think is Eric Kim’s Blog. He is a street photographer and also offers workshops around the world.

Some online collectives are:

I want to keep shooting street photography in my free time, as I am sure it will also improve my other photography. I am very lucky to call London my home, so I have a big playground for street photography right on my doorstep!

I will keep uploading my street photos to my flickr account:

Btw, Eric Kim recommends following these street photographers on flickr: