Swimming Times Magazine

Personal Trainer and Swim Teacher Angela contacted me, as she needed some photos for an article she was writing about stunt swimming for the Swimming Times Magazine. We were able to shoot at a pool in Richmond with fitness model and stunt swimmer Catherine Peck.

It was an outdoor pool, which gave me more space and better options for the background, but on the other hand it was still April and the weather was cold and changing quickly. I was challenged with the constantly changing lighting conditions, one second there was bright sunlight, the other a black cloud came in and every now and again it even rained a bit. But to be honest, that was nothing considering Angela and Catherine actually swam and posed in the cold pool for me, so big thanks to them!

Most of the time I just used natural light, but when the sun came out I had to move quickly to get my light in position. As it was quite windy, I just used one speedlight with a small lumiquest softbox on a short and stable light stand. I didn’t want to see my lights ending up in the pool!

Update: The article ran in the August Edition of the Swimming Times Magazine: