Cornwall & Devon : Travel & Street Photography

My girlfriend and I went for a week holiday to Cornwall and Devon a few weeks ago. I wanted to travel light (as in camera gear), so I just brought my Fuji X100S, a mini tripod and an old-fashioned cable release.

The little tripod and the cable release came in handy on the second day. We went to the Botallack mines in the evening, with the intention to do some night photography together. We just made it there for the sunset and when it was almost set I took this long exposure: 

It is one of my most favourite photos I have taken so far! But mainly because of what happened next: Just a few minutes after the shot, I realised we were completely alone in the area, sitting on the edge of the cliff and in front of this amazing view. I planned to propose to my girlfriend the day after at Kynance Cove, but it couldn’t get any better than this! ….long story short, she said Yes and made be the happiest man!! :-)

That’s Kynance Cove shot with the Motion Panorama 180˚ mode of the Fuji X100S.

I also love using the B&W yellow filter on the Fuji, which is nice contrasty and brings out the dramatic skies!

You can see St Michael’s Mount on the top left photo. It is a tidal island, which is linked to the town Marazion by a man made causeway, so you can walk over to the island between mid-tide and low water.
The castle on top of the rock also includes a great garden:

We did visit a lot of places in Cornwall and Devon, and even though I didn’t go out to do some street photography, I always had my camera ready in case I saw something interesting:

Well, it was obviously an amazing holiday,  I left with my girlfriend and came back with my fiancée!!
And I also found a new friend in Dartmoor National Park :-)