Lifestyle Photography : Surfergirl

This is Angela from and the goal of this shoot was to get some great surfing-lifestyle photos for her.
We decided to go to West Wittering Beach near Portsmouth, the same location where we also took Andrew's Tae Kwon Do photos.
Wittering Surf Shop kindly gave us a surfboard for the shoot. I’m glad the photos look like it was shot in the summer, even though winter was already starting. Thanks to Angela for withstanding the cold, especially in the silhouette shots of her with the board, where she was just wearing a bikini. I feel quite bad about it, because I was wearing a winter jacket and a scarf at the same time. Next time in a similar situation I will also just wear a t-shirt so I can understand what the model is going through, I guess that just would be fair too!
At least when we wrapped up the shoot and brought back the surfboard to the shop, we warmed up with an amazing hot chocolate in the shop’s café!

We were just shooting a few pictures in front of the beach huts, when I turned around and saw the sun coming out in this spectacular way. So we quickly moved and I tried to compose this photo including the dramatic sky. You always have to be aware of your surroundings and be able to adapt quickly to any changes or opportunities!

Here are some of the different looks we were able to get at this great location: