HEADSHOTS : Actor Philip

Philip came to me to get some more characterful headshots and that’s exactly what I am really passionate about. I don’t like headshots where the subjects have a blank expression on their face. I see many cases where actors have a range of headshots, with quite a blank expression and the only difference between the shots are the outfit or the background. It is not the actors’ fault, I think it is the photographer’s job to consult and direct them.

As I said it often before, a headshot is all about the expression!

His agent asked for some more “smiley” headshots. The tricky bit is that it has to be genuine, otherwise the headshot will be a cliché “say cheese” snapshot.

To get some character headshots we actually shot so many fun expressions, e.g. “surprised”, “smug”, “perplexed”, “miserable”, “blue steel” or “inquisitive” to name just a few.

Here is just one of them:

It was a great exercise for both of us, for Philip as an actor and me as a photographer!