I was very lucky to get the opportunity to take Carly Mercedes Dyer’s headshots. She is working in theatre and musical and performed in many a musical here in the West End and abroad. Shows include Dreamgirls, Hair, Rock of Ages, Dirty Dancing etc. and just recently she has been performing in West End Story in Salzburg in my home country Austria!

I don’t believe some people are more photogenic than others. Everybody can look great in a photograph, it just depends on the perspective, the angle and most importantly the expression. As a photographer my job is to find this and help with my directions.

It can be more or less challenging to find this sweet spot.

According to Peter Hurley "about 2% of the population are genetically gifted individuals who are ambifacial. You can shoot them on either side of their face and they have the same level of attractiveness." Carly is in my opinion one of the few people who are ambifacial, so we got some great headshots from various angles.

Apart from clothing changes we also changed her hair at some point. I really like these shots too and I can imagine Carly as an action star there :)

Apart from being really easy to shoot Carly was also so much fun to work with! Thanks!