It was great having Arthur round for a headshot session. He is one of the few people who photograph really well straight on.

This is one of my favourite headshots I took so far. I like the simplicity of the white background and his black turtleneck top, so his look and eyes are even more captivating.

The viewer can’t not look right into his eyes!

Throughout the shoot we kept it very simple and worked on different expressions and subtle differences.

As an experiment we also shot with a grey t-shirt on a white background and a white t-shirt on a grey background.

They do have a different vibe, but I have to say that with Arthur I do prefer the white background.

Even though it is on the grey background I love the following shot of Arthur, where I was able to capture a genuine natural laugh :)

It’s interesting to see how different the first and the last photo are. At the end of the day, expression is everything!!