HEADSHOTS : Stuntman & Acrobat Conor

Headshot session with Stuntman and Acrobat (and in his own words “Performing Monkey”) Conor Kenny.  Conor is a great and fun guy, so make sure to check out his website and Youtube channel.

Colours are very important and I usually stay away from red tops in headshots, as they can distract from the subject. Clothes should rather supplement the look.

Here with Conor I shot him in his red t-shirt anyway, just to see how it works.

I knew I can adjust the colours slightly in post processing. In this case I just decreased the t-shirts saturation and changed the hue of the grey background a bit to make the overall look more cohesive. 

In my opinion the headshot with the red t-shirt really works in this case.

In contrast to this we also took headshots with a blue top, which rather complements Conor’s eye colour. There I was happy with the cooler hue of the grey background and didn’t have to change it.

As you can see in the last picture Conor was very, very excited about his new headshots :)