HEADSHOTS : Stuntman & Actor Alex

Stuntman and Actor Alexander Bracq came in for a headshot session recently. I love working with Stuntmen as they always have interesting stories to tell and lots of cool skills.

I always try to get a confident look from my clients, in Alex’ case that wasn’t difficult at all. So it was just a matter of getting the right expression and perspective.

In Alex case both grey and pure white background worked really well, so we did a range of looks and ended up with quite a few good options to choose from in the end.

I always try to keep my subjects relaxed and entertained, while directing them and finding their sweet spot. I usually keep shooting throughout, that way I sometimes get lucky and get some real genuine portraits. As you can see he did have a good time during the shoot :)

And even these “outtakes” might be a good addition to any headshot collection.