Actor's Headshots

A while ago I did a headshot session for actor Stanley J Browne. I really liked the results and want to do more headshots going forward. So I was happy to photograph Fiona to get some great headshots for her. 

I used to rent a studio for that kind of portraits, but have since built my own little studio for headshots in my home. You don’t need that much space for headshots, also it is much more comfortable for the subject (and me) and more practical too. That way I can shoot tethered, so we can see the photos coming in on the big screen and get instant feedback as we are working on expressions. Furthermore it is now anytime available to me and free to use, so I can keep the costs down; not just for me, but also for my clients!

I totally agree with Peter Hurley, a very successful headshot photographer in New York, that a headshot should be all about the subject, that’s why I don’t want to have any distractions in the picture, so the background should be as simple as possible. What is more simple and less distracting as a complete white background? Maybe a grey background? I’m not sure, I mainly shoot on white, but also sometimes get some tones of grey to have some variations for the client.

At the end of the day though the most important part of a headshot is the subject’s expression. A headshot is not a passport photo, you want to show your personality and confidence. As an actor you want a headshot, where casting directors stop and instantly think “This person is really interesting, they have personality and confidence!”.
Headshots are not just a thing for actors these days; most people want to build their careers and market themselves online (e.g. websites, LinkedIn, social media etc.). So a profile photo, which can convey to others that they are a confident and nice person is crucial for a good first impression.

A headshot session can take 2-3 hours, there is no rush and I will take my time to work with the subject on different expressions to get the few really good ones! Sometimes it helps to even do some funny expressions, to release some of the tension and relax and not take every pose too seriously. And it’s great to have some fun along the way too!

That definitely helps to get some natural expressions in between:

Of course you can also change during the session or change your hair to get some different looks too:

Are you interested in getting your own headshots?

Just contact me to get more details! Looking forward to hearing from you :-)