Eddie Hearn : Sunday Mirror

Last week I got the opportunity to shoot editorial portraits of Eddie Hearn for Focus Images Ltd for the Sunday Mirror. Tom Hopkinson from the Mirror was doing an exclusive interview with Eddie after his press conference at the Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch, where he was promoting Wednesday’s boxing night in Bethnal Green.

I knew I won’t have much time with Eddie, so I made sure to show up early and find a good spot for a range of portraits. The Courthouse Hotel has a great interior and first I was drawn to the main lobby and bar. Unfortunately by the time of our interview the bar would be open and busy. Luckily the hotel staff was really helpful and gave me access to a private bar upstairs, where I could setup and do some test shots, so by the time Eddie would be in front of my lens I would need less then five minutes to get all the shots. Also it was really helpful for Tom to interview Eddie there, away from the busy press conference.

I decided to start with some standing portraits, lit with my new favourite softbox to bring on location, the Pixapro 90cm octagonal umbrella softbox. It’s a great modifier and so quick and easy to setup! Behind the bar I tucked away another speedlight, which I used to bounce light off a mirror to act like a fill or kicker on camera right.

For the portraits of Eddie sitting, I just needed to move around the softbox and turn off the second light. Very simple lighting, but I concentrated on the composition and especially Eddie’s expression. I was really happy to see that the Sunday Mirror also used my favourite frame to go with their story:

As the interview took place before the photo shoot and I had already setup for the portraits, I actually used the same lighting (just had to move the key light a bit) to take some photos of the interview. As there was literally no ambient light in the background from this angle, I just added another speedlight to lighten up the wall behind Eddie!

Looking forward to shooting more editorial portraits like this. Even though there is a lot of pressure to get the shot, I love the challenge of creating something in a short amount of time. Actually, it is all about preparation and being able to deliver when the subject is ready!