Beauty Shoot with Colour Gels

Here are some more images from a recent shoot. The plan was to have very colourful images, regarding lighting, hair and makeup.

Three setups, one for each model and one for the images of both of them.

As you can see we were shooting just around the time in spring when the bluebells come out. Credit to the Make Up Artist Farzana Rahman and Hair Stylist Aieasha Paul for the idea of using the bluebells and dandy lions they just found outside the studio in the garden!

Shooting both of them, I tried to keep the coloured lighting less obvious and saturated, so it won't compete too much with their different makeup and hair:

Thanks to the whole team, it was amazing to collaborate together!

Model 1: Rufaro (IAM Castings)

Model 2: Andra Vlad

MUA: Farzana Rahman

Hair: Aieasha Paul