Wallada – Studio & Location Shoot

After the last beauty shoot with colour gels, Faz and I planned to collaborate on another shoot. There are some interesting locations near my studio in North London, where I always wanted to shoot, so we planned to do some studio work and then head out to the locations. Faz came up with a great concept:  A beauty story exploring the romance between Princess Wallada and her lover the Muslim Poet Ibn Zaydun in Muslim Andalucia. Apart from creating some amazing make up, Faz was also responsible for the art direction throughout the shoot!

Some of the studio work:

Unfortunately it was raining all day, with some few short sunny spells (just a normal English summer day), so instead of heading to our outdoor location, we just did a small setup in my garden to start with.

The planned shoot time was until 6:30pm, but the weather didn’t get better until 6ish, so luckily the team was up for doing some overtime! The sun came out after all and we got an hour of location work done in the evening. Thanks to the whole team for staying longer on what has been a long day already, and special thanks to Jade, who came all the way from Brighton!

Really glad to have been able to shoot these locations, even though we didn’t have much time left. Definitely going to explore these spots further on some other projects!



Makeup, styling & creative direction: Farzana Rahman

Hair: Rohmarra Kerr

Model 1: Jade Woodhouse

Model 2: Oliver Jenne

Wardrobe kindly loaned by Continent Clothing