north london

Product Photography

Product Photography is mainly about accurately presenting a product online or in catalogues or magazines. However more creative, eye-catching images are needed in marketing or in web design as hero images!

I’ve been updating my commercial product photography portfolio recently to show more of my work that can be used for advertising, online or in print!

In contrast to portraiture there is no human interaction in still life photography, however great attention to detail is of the essence, to make products stand out! Most product photos are very simple in composition, so every little piece of dust, any crease or light reflection or shadow will be noticeable and distracting. So my job is to avoid all these pitfalls while creating interesting images.

Here are a few examples of different approaches to present products:

Using colour to attract attention:

The standard white background product image, but with a little twist….

The natural “lifestyle” look:

Check out more product photos in my portfolio and get in touch if you need your products to shine on your website or even on a billboard!

Street Wear – Look Book

Creating look books for brands is something I want to do more in the future! What I like about it particularly is that it combines pretty much everything I am passionate about in photography: portraiture (especially environmental on location), fashion and street photography.

For this shoot I wanted to use a location I have been cycling past quite often before. It is just some bridges and footbridges across the North Circular Road in London. There is literally nothing beautiful around there; I don’t think this location has ever been used for a photo shoot. But that is exactly what I am thriving on. I knew there would be some great images to be made, with the right framing and lighting. I think changing or enhancing a scene with lighting and capturing an image that you can’t see with the naked eye brings back a bit of the magic, that I am missing from developing film in the past!

Furthermore what I really enjoyed is finding three different setups within 5 min walk. In my opinion you could think these three locations were shot on three different days, when actually we did all of it in about 2 hours!

Location 1:

Location 2:

Location 3: