trafalgar square

Street Photography : Brexit

Following the EU referendum and the democratic decision for the UK to leave the European Union many people came together on social media trying to organise protests on Trafalgar Square. Although the protests were cancelled last minute due to the lack of official permission, thousands of people came to Trafalgar Square that Tuesday evening anyway, despite wind and rain.

I decided to go there too, not as part of the protest, but I thought there was a great opportunity for some interesting street photography. I am not a press or documentary photographer, but I did want to document what was going on there and find some interesting moments.

The rain didn’t make things easier, but on the other hand it made for some more interesting photos:

It was interesting to see lots of other photographers and TV stations covering the events, but especially interesting was to see how much effort many people made to dress up and make signs. 


Depending on the framing and taken out of context there were some interesting moments to capture:


And in all that chaos I was very lucky so see the following moments between two of the protesters unfolding and I managed to capture this little photo story :)


I stayed there for about two hours and after walking countless rounds on Trafalgar Square I decided to pack up and leave the rain. It was just the next day that I saw in the news that the protest got a lot bigger later and thousands of people marched to the Houses of Parliament. Unfortunately I missed that, but it’s always difficult to decide when to leave and when to stay.